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A modern teenager: features of psychology
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Of course, for the development of every child age. Still, adolescence is a special place because the transition from childhood to adulthood is no less, as the transition from one era to another. But do we always realize the immensity of this transition, always understand what he means to the child and adult? Can we see in teens and properly understand the first, emerging sprouts of maturity?
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The border of adolescence approximately coincide with the training of children in middle school and cover the age from 10-11 to 14-15 years. Grader, many of us would call a child with no special considerations, and says they will say that even the appearance of it is at least halfway to adulthood.
From 10-12-younger Teens From 13-15-senior teens
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Some common traits that define the cumulative portrait of adolescent — grow very quickly and I am embarrassed of its rapid growth. -I am changing very fast in every way, I am experiencing the discomfort of eternal change in me and around me, I am in need of a solid foundation of your love and understanding. — I am very unsure of ourselves and try to hide this uncertainty whatever for me way. I am in need of action and movement and do not understand why you me your conversations and instructions. -I'm not ready to take the words and tips on faith, I want to provide an opinion on any subject. -I have very little experience of life in society, but it is this aspect of being human, I was most interested in.
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Features:-desire to communicate with their peers,-adoption of its autonomy, girls develop faster, intellectual development is more personal.
focus and selectivity of attention;
logic memory (Visual and imaginative verbal-logical);
abstract thinking (an independent approach creativity).
Formed I-concept "(comparison is real and ideal representations of themselves).
ASYNCHRONICITY-time mismatch of development personality.
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Age crisis: self-esteem (vulnerability); development of moral feelings (Justice); interest in the person as an individual (friendship); the struggle for independence (lost the authority of adults).
Difficulties in study:
conflicts with teachers; lack of skills and knowledge; weak learning motivation; weak randomness of behavior (the impossibility of a force).
Violations in the emotional sphere:
aggressiveness; emotional disinhibition; vulnerability, anxiety.
rejection in childhood (early); "perfectly correct" education (gipersocial′nye the parents); "anxiety-mnitel′noe» education (weakened or late child); the ego-centric type of education (child-"Idol").
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What conflicts arise?
choice of friends;
behavior (autonomy);
lack of understanding;
interests (hobbies);
respect for parents (authority);
bad habits.
overload (many responsibilities).
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The teenager from adults?
Teen in need of educational technologies, qualitatively different from educational technology junior and senior high school. Dominant age-communication and action. The meaning of education is the formation of attitude toward the world, ourselves, and cognition. This is a very convenient time for the formation of the human social skills, enriched with respect to the right of the teenager on an independent opinion. Teen needs heroes. Teen needs an adult man. Adult needs as a partner, reliance, a landmark in a rapidly changing world. Teen needs a junior team as the natural environment of normal development. Teen needs a loving and understanding family. One of the most important pedagogical precepts — the right teen at the bright and strong emotions for adventure, romance, hobbies and interests.
Pedagogical errors, misunderstandings, parent social dissatisfaction and neadaptirovannost′ are the backdrop for the teenager really becomes difficult-not only for yourself but for others.
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Some parents in advance come in horror from the awkward age of their children. They tensely waiting for trouble and disruption, which, in their view, would inevitably accompany adolescence and beyond. Parents fear that the child will grow, and they will lose it. Go away past understanding, discipline and children's charm. Often parents carry their own fear and uncertainty in the growing child.
But as parents feel?
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So, we ended up talking about teenagers. But this is just a small part of what we learned about it. How does he enter into YouTube? YouTube-this time for self-determination, it is time to hope and search. This is the period of time for reflection on the ideals of "time and about himself."
Godspeed to you, boy!!!
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