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The official name of the country is Italy. It is situated in the Europe. It is washed Medetterania sea.
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Flag of Italy
For the first time the Italian tricolor appeared on January 7, 1797 in Aemilia as a flag of the republic proclaimed Giuseppe Kompanyoni. During Napoleon's board the flag also was used as a symbol of the French revolution.
After the Vienna Congress and Restoration the tricolor remained a symbol of freedom and was used in revolutionary movements of 1831 and 1848.
In the 12th article of the Constitution of Italy it is said that "the flag of Italy — is a tricolor, green, white and red in the form of three equal vertical strips".
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emblem of Italy
The official emblem of the Republic of Italy was published by the President of Italy of Enrico de Nikola on May 5, 1948. The sketch of an emblem was made by artist Paolo Pasketto.
The emblem contains a white five-pointed star with the red edges, imposed on a cogwheel with five spokes, standing between an olive branch at the left and oak on the right. Green branches are connected together by a red tape with an inscription the "Republic of Italy" (ital. REPUBBLICA ITALIANA) capital white letters
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The state capital — Rome. The country is divided into 20 areas. The population of Italy makes about fifty seven million people. The area is about three thousand square kilometers.
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Official languages of Italy are considered English and Italian
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holidays of Italy
On January 1 — New year
On January 6 — Epiphany
On March 8 — the International Women's Day
On April 21 — Day of the basis of Rome
On April 25 — Day of release from fascism and the German occupation
On May 1 — a work Holiday
On June 2 — Day of declaration of the Republic Italy
On August 15 — Ferragosto
On November 2 — All Saints' Day, Day of memory
On December 8 — Virgin Mary's
On December 25 — Christmas
On December 26 — Day of Sacred Stephan
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big cities of Italy
Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari, Catania, Venice
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